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Main Benefits

  • Issuance of РV Invеstīсijаs preferred shares is carried out in accordance with the legal provisions of the country - member state of the European Union and registered according to European Commission supervisory prospectus rules that implement the European Law Prospectus Directive.
  • Holders of preferred shares of РV Invеstīсijаs are governed by the European legislation investment protection provisions for foreign investors; a high degree of protection for foreign investors.
  • Protection of investments in securities of Latvian enterprises is carried out by a number of bilateral investment treaties, including on international, European and local levels, along with double taxation agreements (DTAs) for the avoidance of double taxation.


Liquidity of Investments

  • The current round of funding for РV Invеstīсijаs through issuance of preferred shares is for a maturation period from 2 years.
  • Preferred shareholders have the right to declare the sale of their shares at a price specified by them to third party investors at any moment.
  • In the event that preferred shareholders request to sell their shares, or in the case of new share issuance by РV Invеstīсijаs, current shareholders are guaranteed the right of first refusal.


Investments in preferred shares with a dividend yield of 12% per annum.

Minimum amount of investment from € 100,000

  • Investment time horizon - from 2 years
  • Payment of dividends to holders of preferred shares, as stated in the “issuance prospectus” is 12% per annum and an additional 20% of profits ex-dividend.


Investment Product Details

Investments can be made any time preferred shares are available. Yield is known in advance. Additional returns are dependent on earnings results.

Type of Investor

Investors who want to earn income several times higher than those from bank deposits and financial instruments with a balanced level of risk.