This year will test the optimism of financial markets

The main event of already last year was the arrival of the New Year. The last month of last year in the global financial markets was similarly tedious. There is the opinion of financial theorists that the arrival of a New Year is merely artificial, calendar point of reference that should not have any real impact on the fundamental indicators of financial markets contrary to, for example, significant political or economic events.

Mācības no Latvijas finanšu sistēmas krīzes

Es esmu matemātiķis. Konsekvence, apdomība, loģika, precizitāte un definīciju pilnība ir tas, kas mani vienmēr piesaista, un tas, ko man gribētos redzēt cilvēku un organizāciju rīcībā sarežģītās situācijās.

A little nervous waiting for a year of continuous development

In November, one of the most significant US stock indexes S&P 500 rose again – excluding a slight decline in March of this year, it has risen for a total of 13 consecutive months. Following the rise in stock prices triggered by the Tramp tax reform, we expect a whole year of continuous development in the stock markets.