Our Commitment and Approach

Investing in uncertain market conditions requires the implementation of necessary strategies in order to preserve capital. In circumstances when financial instruments can potentially go into negative profitability, as geopolitical risks play a crucial role in the economic development of entire regions, the decision to create and execute optimal defense strategies calls for extraordinary mastery.

The distinct feature that sets «РV Invеstīсijаs» apart from others in the industry is its strict adherence to superior risk management systems. We do not waste time waiting for the markets to reach a bottom. We are focused on finding investment opportunities with respect to current market conditions and company objectives. The implementation of such strategies requires a high level of expertise, including the ability to prepare for every single possible outcome, and find creative solutions. This approach brings the greatest value to the company’s investors. «РV Invеstīсijаs» has an impressive record of accomplishments, successfully managing capital in all financial market conditions.

Investor satisfaction with «РV Invеstīсijаs» is directly dependent on the company’s commitment to meeting investor’s obligations; we are first and foremost investor-centered. We believe, the foundation for a mutually beneficial relationship between ourselves and our investors is rooted in the following principles: A systematically developed strategy, carefully selected investments based on investors risk tolerance and yield objectives, professional expertise, and continuous monitoring of economic and political stability.


Vadims Burcevs
Member of the Management Board, РV Invеstīсijаs