Investment Process with «РV Invеstīсijаs»

Acquisition of Preferred Shares

1. The shareholders of «РV Invеstīсijаs» decide at the shareholders meeting whether to increase the authorized share capital by issuing new preferred shares. During the meeting, "Rules to Increase the Authorized Share Capital” may be approved, in which the following issuance parameters are determined:

  • Issued Volume
  • Volume and type of new issuance, nominal value, selling price, method of payment and minimum deposit.
  • Rights arising from this category of shares: rights in respect to dividends, their amount and periodicity, rights in respect to future issuances, etc.
  • Subscription terms and other relevant information.


2. Potential shareholders are acquainted with the "Rules to Increase the Authorized Share Capital”, as well as additional necessary documents for the subscription of shares.

3. Following the decision to enter with a capital investment, the potential shareholder signs the “Application for the Acquisition of Shares in АS «РV Invеstīсijаs»”.

4. Based on the application received, a "Share Purchase Agreement" is provided for review and signature.

5. After the agreement for the subscription of shares has been signed within the specified time period, the potential shareholder pays for their subscribed shares in full.

6. Upon completion of the subscription, the board of directors of directors summarize the subscription terms and accepts the "Approval Decision of the Issue".

7. The charter of the company is amended in accordance with the issuance. Representatives of shareholders and the board of directors sign the revised version of the charter reflecting the most recent issuance.

8. Documentation is submitted to the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia to increase the share capital.