About Us

РV Invеstīсijаs is a Latvian based investment company, investing in all the leading global securities markets. The company’s business activities are combined with deep industry knowledge and experience of investments in the international securities markets, primarily through derivative financial instruments.

РV Invеstīсijаs was founded and its investment strategies developed by Mr. Denis Pospelov - an investment expert with a wealth of experience in the securities markets.

Pospelov investment strategies are based on mathematical models of investments in securities, which in turn are founded on his scientific education. Pospelov completed the Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute (MIFI) with honors, specializing in mathematics. Pospelov's primary areas of scientific research was the use of artificial intelligence systems and computer technology in the financial sphere. Since 1998, Pospelov has been actively working in the field of securities investments (concentrating on issuance of debt securities and derivative financial instruments markets), implementing a scientifically derived base for mathematical models and analysis. Additionally, Pospelov has successfully managed and guided the direction of investments of several Russian banks for many years.

РV Invеstīсijаs working capital exceeded 1 million euros at the end of 2017, and the company’s assets amounted to 2,2 million euros. The annual audit report of AFi Investīcijas was carried out in compliance with the latest requirements of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) by the international industry-leading audit firm Deloitte.

РV Invеstīсijаs uses funds exclusively from its shareholders to make investments and does not offer retail financial services with a wide array of products to the average investor.